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The train-the-trainer program (TTT) prepares trainers to deliver consistent, high-quality, and inspiring XM and XLA® training. Our goal is to train not only expert XM and XLA® professionals but also charismatic trainers who can ignite passion and motivation in their audiences. This unique program covers both the essential knowledge of XM and XLA® and the necessary soft skills to deliver it in an engaging way. Candidate trainers first gain knowledge by participating in our Introduction and Foundation courses. Once completed they will polish their training delivery skills through five days of personal instruction. We practice powerful tools such as storytelling, how to promote class discussions, and how to deal with demanding students. The program concludes with 2.5 days of on-the-job execution, where candidate trainers deliver both the Introduction and Foundation training along with one of our senior trainers in the classroom on the principal; we train you, we train together, you train by yourself. Certified trainers also participate in annual coaching to keep their skills at a high level and to get updated with the latest developments regarding XM and XLA®.

Note: Successful completion of the Foundation training is a prerequisite to participate in the train-the-trainer program.

Duration: 7.5 days

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