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More meaningful
SLAs with XLA

SLAs are a cornerstone for sourcing relationships. A Service Level Agreement makes minimal performance levels tangible. But what about what the business, employees, and customers need? Is that in scope? And is the nature of the collaboration beneficial for both parties? Sealing the deal is one, but making it work is the real deal. Otherwise, problems are “swept under the rug”, and win-win is “thrown under the bus”. That’s where XLA comes in:

The Xperience Level Agreement framework guides the discovery and definition of implicit needs and enables more meaningful SLAs. To be lean in the digital age, you have to be meaningful. That’s not prescribing “what to do” but how to solve problems quickly and effectively to provide the best value to the customer.

More meaningful SLAs with XLA rests on three pillars:


Outcome first.
Meaningful means clearly defining shared goals that embody a measurable impact of the work done. Business impact equals outcome.


Always deliver value.
Meaningful means removing waste to serve the purpose of providing more value to the customer and other stakeholders.


Deep collaboration.
Meaningful means having a safe culture and the right processes to highlight flaws and mistakes so people can fix them without fear and blame-gaming.