We offer two productized consulting approaches

XLA Pressure Cooker

XLA Pressure Cooker The primary purpose of a pressure cooker is to cook faster. With the XLA Pressure Cooker, we solve real-life problems. We have six phases: initiation, discover, define, develop, deliver, and release. The first phase can be a separate inspiration session with a larger group. Initiation can also be an inspiration session with multiple stakeholders. Release is the final product and presentation by the team to its executive sponsors. We use the Double Diamond as the problem-solving process model. The model presents four main stages across two adjacent diamonds: discover, define, develop, and deliver. The program takes a two-hour initiation session, two full-day double diamond sessions, and a two-hour release ceremony.

XLA six phases

XLA Fast Track Program

With outsourcing, you have at least two legal parties joining forces. They are not opposite but interconnected to deliver value to end-users, the customer’s business, and other allies. XLA is the lingua franca for deeper collaboration. The XLA Fast Track Program has a Yin and a Yang: the managed service provider and the customer organization. We deliver an MSP/SI and customer solution to embed XLA with IT Service Management and Agile frameworks. The goal is to provide the tools (the nails and the hammer) and the craftsmanship to apply XLA successfully. When parties want to join from the start (deal shaping, relationship boost, innovative renewal), we combine the Yin and Yang in one program.

We follow a three-stepping-stone model within XLA Fast Track:


Stepping into the shoes.
We do the hate list, switching places, empathy mapping, and other practical exercises.


What gets measured gets managed.
We make XLA tangible with human-centric experience indicators, key proudness indicators, simple dashboards, and articulate governance principles.


Design is how it works.
We make XLA stick within organizations, define insight and oversight reporting, and formulate continuous improvement processes.